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Jennifer Kumer is a game thinker, consultant, and design researcher. Fusing design research with the techniques of game design, she explores new ways of designing for connectedness through socially innovative games and experiences. 

She has published 2 games and been a part of the development of numerous applied game projects, including most recently, “Beyond Design: the Game of Social Solutions” with Studio Renate Boere (winner of Gold International Design Award 2021). 

For her current Master in Design thesis project at Willem de Kooning Academy, she explores how a game-based tool can support deathcare professionals in engaging and empowering families and local communities in talking and planning for the end-of-life. By emphasising collaboration and connectedness, the game is designed to be a conversation starter that can help families create a shared understanding of what they want at the end of life. 

Next to developing her projects, Jennifer works as an associate of Playspace ( where she occasionally designs, teaches and facilitates Game Thinking workshops.  

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