Monica Monté, Isaac Monté
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Sun Vibrations

PX V – Signaling UV exposure and vitamin D uptake

This prosthetic, worn around the finger, indicates when the wearer is within or outside the safe zone of healthy sunlight and UV exposure. Nature fails in this respect - our only indication we have have suffered sun damage is a colouration of the skin, which for many is a quality deemed worth the damage incurred. But never before have so many people suffered from skin cancer, now the second leading type of cancer. At the same time, UV exposure is important for the production of vitamin D, which our skin creates when exposed to enough sunlight. The prosthetic indicates when the 'Vitamin D uptake is succeeded' and if the 'UV tax' is reached. It alerts the wearer by enforcing vibrations. 

Materials: Silicone tube/Flocked and 3D printed PLA/Peristaltic pump/Custom made electronics


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