Monica Monté, Isaac Monté
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PX eXo – Human condition enlightenment

A weekly overview of the internal, external and social health 

This is the exo-organ of the Artificial Data Organ that composes Prosthetic X. It consists of nine leaves, which correspond to and are linked with Prosthetics I to IX. It is a monitoring prosthetic that enlightens one on the human condition. Each leaf signal the wearer's status; from protectively shy and closed to beautifully open and inviting. This prosthetic is not placed on the body but is an independent object, and only works if the wearer has chosen to share data from the Artificial Data Organ with the exo-organ, through the Data Donor Register. This exo-organ has been developed for a loved one or caregiver, for comfort or support in caregiving. It is inspired by the lotus flower as a symbol for a healthy, beautiful life. 

Materials: 3D printed PLA/3D printed TPU/Nitinol wire/Custom printed silk/Yarn/Custom made electronics/Servo motors 

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