Ana Brichta

Communications Assistant


Ana in the Greenhouse - Photographing Ana in our Aquaponics farm! Ana is the Communications intern at Mediamatic. In this occasion, Ana was photographed when meeting the aquaponics farm at Mediamatic, and seeing the seasonal harvest that is grown here.  Andrea Valdivia

With: Ana Brichta

Hello! My name is Ana and I’m joining the Mediamatic team as the Communications assistant.


I have been living and studying in Amsterdam for the past three years. I’m very excited to promote Mediamatic’s philosophy, reach and engage audiences through different channels and learn about sustainable and experimental art, helping out with projects in any way I can!

I like feeling part of a community where I can express myself and collaborate with people around me, and working in a tight-knit cooperative environment is the perfect place to explore authentic projects and ideas. I value playfulness in the midst of the absurdity and chaos of the universe, I love rollerskating when the weather is nice, walking barefoot in grass, discussing (mostly ranting) about politics, walking around Amsterdam and peering into people’s homes, and learning about humans through art and conversation. In my view, art and science should be accessible to everyone, so I’m hoping to contribute to this in the next few months :) 

Love to all

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