Ismini Kyritsis

Exhibition Assistant


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My name is Ismini Kyritsis and I am more than excited to be working at Mediamatic. 

I was born in Greece where I did my Bachelor’s in History of Art. I was always fascinated with contemporary art and some of my favorite movements are: Fluxus, de Stijl and the ZERO group. I also love digital art and performance. As you can imagine my favorite Musuem here is the Stedelijk…

At the same time with my university I was also studying theatre in a drama school. I always loved theatre and it was a road I really wanted to explore, so after graduation I worked in the theatre for a few years.  

My experience in the theatre has shaped who I am today to a great extent and I am very lucky to have learned how it is to be an artist yourself.

In Greece, I did my internship in the National Gallery of Athens, and after graduation I also worked as an assistant curator in a private museum of contemporary in Athens. The museum’s collection had many Dutch artists too!

Right now I am finishing my master’s in Museums and Collections at Leiden University.