Anna Lina Litz

a/Artist Project Assistant (she/her)


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Hi! My name is Anna Lina, and I'm working on the a/Artist project here at Mediamatic. 

I started as a programme and events intern from February until June 2022, and am now happy to stay for a few more months to continue my work on this project - organising discussion rounds for artists, writing blog posts, and researching about the topic of art and autism. 

My background is in Linguistics, which I studied for my Bachelors at Leiden University.  Now, I am following a master programme called Environment & Society at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich, where I am looking to further explore the intersections between the humanities/art and sustainability that I also learned lots about at Mediamatic. 

During my internship, I was curious to learn about everything that happens behind the scenes of an exhibition or performance. This is exactly what I got to experience in my first couple of weeks at Mediamatic through the Sin Eaters dinners, which I helped to prepare and got to be part of as AV support and ticketing assistant. I even had the chance to be part of this event in a more direct way as a live musician, as I noticed that the music during the course 'Anger' sounded quite similar to my own instrument, the euphonium. 


Anna Lina plays the euphonium - Sin Eaters Dinner! Our intern Anna Lina is playing the euphonium during the dish Anger is being served on our Sin Eaters dinner and entertain our guests. The Sin Eaters is a 8-course dinner explores how the natural world can be harnessed to achieve balance in body and mind, according to Hildegard von Bingen. Thereby the dinner focusses on 8 deadly sins. From anger to lust and from gluttony to pride, each dark emotion turns into an edible spectacle that gives the opportunity to eat away your sins. Photo taken on… Andrea Valdivia

I also got the chance to assist and participate in many workshops: I helped produce the Freestyle Kinstugi and Knitting for Survival workshops, attended Observational Plant Drawing and the open Costume Lab, and attempted to smell like a strawberry during Smelling like another Being in the aroma lab. 


Fred and Anna Lina in workshop - Smelling like another being! Here, our interns Fredrik Link (left) and Anna Lina Litz (right) are combining some scents during the workshop 'Smelling like another being'. 'Smelling like another being' is a workshop hosted by our lecturer Frank Bloem, which promotes awareness about the diversity of species in our ecosystem by smelling. This workshop consists of creating scents in a lab using different substances based on different types of species (namely microbes, plants, fungus, animals and minerals).  Photo taken in May… Andrea Valdivia


Anouk and Anna Lina brainstorming - Open Costume Lab trial Anna Lina is our interns that joined the Open Costume Lab trial, and here Anouk our lecturer is helping her to design her dog paws idea. Here, interns and Mediamatic guests were invited to join the trial version and come up with their own costumes.  The Open Costume Lab is a workshop where we invite fashion designers, artists and complete beginners, to make costumes of the amazing species from our ecosystem. In the Open Costume Lab we support you to make a costume, offering a place for… Andrea Valdivia

I was also responsible for the restoration of the Casting Doubt installation, which consisted of repairing the growbeds by replacing rims, sanding off graffiti, and hammering many, many nails, as well as identifying and fixing issues with the seed card reader, printer and computer and glueing together more seed cards. Next to developing my own practical skills, I also learned how to ask my fellow interns for help and to divide tasks effectively together with them. 

For most of my internship, my focus has been the A/artist project. The heart of this project at the moment are our biweekly discussion rounds with autistic artists, which I have helped to organise for the past four months by sending invitations and corresponding with the artists, as well as making sure everything goes smoothly on the evenings themselves and writing articles about the discussions for the A/artist blog. 

I am now happy to continue my work on this project for a while longer! 



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