Boro Stitching

with Emma Fukuwatari Huffman

12 Nov 2023

Are you looking for ways of caring and diversifying your wardrobe? Come and join Emma Fukuwatari Huffman to learn a mending technique inspired by Boro, a traditional Japanese mending style born out of necessity and respect for materials. With Emma, you will discover the culture of visible mending and a creative technique for reviving, rejuvenating, and mending your clothes.



Emma in the process of mending. - Courtesy of Emma Fukuwatari Huffman. Stitching a loved jacket in a style inspired by Boro.

What you will do

During this workshop, you are guided by artist and designer Emma Fukuwatari Huffman to enhance, mend, or rejuvenate a piece of loved clothing. You will learn a technique inspired by Boro, a traditional Japanese mending style born out of necessity and respect for materials and visible mending. 

Mending is a creative process of addition (and sometimes subtraction); It is a here-and-now experience of engaging with the fabric in your hand; It is responding to and caring for the unique ways it has deteriorated and weakened. And of course, mending is a skill to love and use your clothes longer!

Hence, bring your piece of clothing that needs mending! Recommended clothes for the technique taught at this workshop are; anything woven, such as buttom down shirts, skirts, pants and denim items. Knitwear is also OK. 

*Leather and water proof camp gear are not suitable.

Emma Fukuwatari Huffmann

Emma Fukuwatari Huffman is a Japanese designer practising and researching visible mending and caring. Her first mend was patching the holes in the knees of her favourite trousers at age 7. She believes mending is an act of care and rebellion; much needed in this day and age. She obtained her ME (Design) at the Kyoto Institute of Technology with her project “Mending with Mycelium”, which explored the possibilities of mending in collaboration with multispecies.


Full price €43 | *Discount price €32

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12th of November, 14:00-17:00.

Attendance limited to 8 people. We maintain a minimum of 3 participants.
Please note that this workshop will be held in English.
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