Performance: Minjoo Choi

My Shadow is part of my body

Performance by Minjoo Choi

4 Nov 2023
11 Nov 2023

Minjoo throws clay, she hurls clay against the walls, she flings clay against the windows, and the clay falls, the clay dries, the clay is picked up again and kneaded until it can be thrown once more.

With this simple, repetitive act, she opens and unlocks herself.

She appears to think and feel through throwing. Is she disquieted? Or is the repetition of throwing a meditative exercise? Will she ever make the ultimate throw where she becomes clay herself?



My Shadow is Part of my Body - Performance at Museumnacht 04 & 11 November 2023 Photography: Jasja Offermans

With: Minjoo Choi

It is a performance, but it is not meant to show anything to another.

She throws alone.