Exhibition: Vera Lelie

The Waiting Room

Fashion collection by Vera Lelie

4 Nov 2023
11 Nov 2023

If you consider a piece of clothing as a space, you can see that much like in architectural design, there are many ways in which clothing can be made more accessible.

Vera Lelie's relationship with clothing is shaped by her neurodiverse perception. She dampens and removes information to avoid sensory overload. In doing so, she creates static images by capturing shapes and silhouettes that contrast her hyperactivity. She hyper-fixates on subjects and uses her hyper-awareness to create environments where the boundary blurs. Where does a piece of clothing begin, and a space end?

In her fashion collection, she plays with the irony of many neurodiverse individuals waiting for treatment in a space that they have not yet learned to navigate.

And wait they will if they deviate even slightly from the norm...

Read more about this project in the report on Vera's presentation.


The Waiting Room Modecollectie van Vera Lelie - Exhibition during Museumnacht 4 & 11 November 2023 Romy Kerkman

With: Vera Lelie