9. Yvonne Dröge Wendel

Moments in a Thingtank

one exhausted object and five respons-able objects by Yvonne Dröge Wendel

15 Dec 2023
17 Mar 2024

Can you love things the way you love people? Could you marry a piece of furniture? If you ask Yvonne, you surely can. She fell in love with a small cabinet that used to stand in her mother's bedroom, made by the Wendel company. She married it and she carries the name Wendel to this day. 


Moments in a Thingtank - one exhausted object and four respons-able objects - Installation during Museumnacht 4 & 11 November 2023 Romy Kerkman

We do not exist without objects, but what kind of existence have those objects shaped for us? How do we interact with things? What do they mean to us and to themselves? How do things come into being? How are they made? How do we collaborate with them?

In her playful philosophical installations, Yvonne creates experimental encounters between humans and objects, reworking our understanding of how humans and non-humans make up a world. For her exhibition at Mediamatic, Yvonne presented six of her creations. You could hug a chair, get a massage and even relax inside a 'gatekeeper.' Visitors sank into her chairs, and discovered how irresponsible and seductive furniture can be.