Holy House part II

11 Dec 2009
20 Dec 2009

MASS is a project initiated by the renowned dutch fashion photography duo Carmen Freudenthal and Elle Verhagen.
MASS is a full scale temporary installation that integrates photography, video, art, performance and sound in an unexpected location in the centre of Amsterdam.
MASS is the long awaited sequel to the much acclaimed installation ‘Holy House!’ that was created for the Arnhem Mode Biennale and the Museum of Modern Art in Arnhem last summer.
MASS is a total experience for all the senses. During seven nights, Freudenthal/Verhagen have invited a series of artists, designers, and hosts to make special and unique contributions to the exhibition including -amongst others- Bernhard Willhelm, Mediamatic, Foam Magazine, Diane Pernet, Martin Butler, and Pagetuner.


Mass - Michel Langendijk