Anne Helmond
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25-09-2007 The iTea at Picnic 07 - Picnic ’07

Creation, communication and entertainment are at the heart of PICNIC, a yearly event for professionals in the area of creativity, cross media and innovation. Urban streetgame festival ‘Come Out & Play’ after huge success in New York now in Amsterdam.

Mediamatic surprises visitors to PICNIC08 with interactive installations and wearables (electronic clothing). Every visitor gets a special 'I' tag with an RFID chip, the technology that is also used in the OV chip card and with contactless payment. With this tag, visitors can, for example, take photos with the Ik-Cams, have Google oracles examined via the iTea teacup, make digital contact via a physical bug, or see how your 3D avatar behaves, whose DNA is determined by the keywords in your PICNIC profile. Almost all applications are brand new because they were conceived and created by a group of national and international creators, designers, developers and hackers in the days leading up to PICNIC.