Seminar: Avoiding the Digital Memory Loss

Seminar which explores the state of the art in media preservation, net-art curation and Web archiving. The seminar will be followed by the official launch of the European Archive site during the welcome reception of the PICNIC '06 event.

Seminar Information

About Avoiding the Digital Memory Loss
The network society has not yet solved the challenge of memory loss. Transient contents, technological obsolescence, what will remain of today's digital memory?
Important efforts are made to overcome the decay but technological, institutional
challenges are huge. This half-day seminar will explore the state of the art in media
preservation, net-art curation, web archiving, presenting both research projects, working solution and services in the domain.


• Keynote by Brewster Kahle (Internet Archive, USA): "Building the Internet Archive"

Presentations by
• Julien Masanès (European Archive, NL), "Web Archiving, issues and methods"
• Mark Middleton (HanzoArchives, UK), "Building your own archive"
• Marcel Ras (Koninklijke Bibliotheek, NL), "Long-term preservation and permanent access at the KB"
• Anne Laforet (University of Avignon, France), "Net art preservation: current state of the art"
• Gunther Reisinger (Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Media.Art.Research, Austria), "The art-historic context of categorizing, description and archiving of 'net-based art'"
• Discussion and Conclusions
As part of the welcome reception, the European Archive will celebrate its official launch.

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