Tsubaki @ Mediamatic

2 Oct 2010

Bowing, shouting, noodle slurping... TSUBAKI @ MEDIAMATIC explores Japanese gestures through performance, music and dance, surrounded by many food & drink stands. Let's eat, drink and dance together!! Starting at 6 pm.
ODOREN today! Come early!

Entrance open: 18:00
Happenings starts already from 18:30.
DJ set by O.M.F.O.: until performance starts
Chindon performances starts around 20:00
Main improvisation performance by Makiko, Kenzo, Tashi with DJ Sniff : 20:30!!
Join the Japanese traditional dance BONODORI: 21:00
DJ set by DJ Sniff: 21:30 -23:00
2nd improvisation performance by Makiko, Kenzo, Tashi with DJ Sniff : 23:00
DJ set by O.M.F.O.: till the end!


TSUBAKI_2009NEWLOGO - Emiko Chujo


Tsubaki organizes parties, fashion shows and other happy Japanese happenings and events. Tonight they've invited nine artists to perform for you.

Kenzo Kusuda

Choreographer Kenzo Kusuda came to The Netherlands in 1999. Moisture Rocket, Muse on Screw and Hypnox Loco Loco Locomotion are a few of his pieces. The Dutch Dance Days (Nederlandse Dansdagen) wrote about Moisture Rocket: 'Kusuda has the courage to tell his own story, far removed from trends. A small, subtle choreography with the power of a haiku.'

Makiko Ito

Makiko Ito is a freelance dancer and choreographer, based in Amsterdam. She is working with Magpie Umbrella, and is the project leader of Wonderland (performances for kids and families).

Tashi Iwaoka

Tashi Iwaoka is a performance maker based in Amsterdam. He is a member of performance makers' collective Ehkä production.

DJ Sniff

STEIM's DJ Sniff is a turntablist, curator and researcher.


OMFO produces soundtracks for adult video clips and composes jingles for Turkmen radio stations. OMFO contributed his tracks to the russian made blockbuster "Manga" by Pyotr Khazizov. For the Venice biennale he wrote the soundtrack for the first ever Central Asian pavilion. Also, OMFO gives solo concerts and performs as a sound artist, as well as collecting field recordings. (Courtesy of OMFO's website.

Toru Fujimoto

Toru Fujimoto is a performance artist, interested in dance and sound.

Chindon girls

The Chindon girls are Yukari, Noruko and Takako. Chindons are a type of elaborately costumed street musicians.


Chindon_1 - Chindon girls performing on Leidsplein, 2008 Emiko Chujo

More information

Saturday 2 October, doors open from 6 pm. Entrance: 6 euro. Please RSVP by clicking on the pink button at the top of this page. Mediamatic Bank, Vijzelstraat 68 Amsterdam. More information on Tsubaki's MySpace.


Odoren @ Mediamatic flyer - 2 October 2010. Mediamatic Bank.