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Melli award -

I'm an architect.

Roham Maghsoudlou
30.06.1971 Born, lives and works in Tehran, Iran

Education :

-Graduate degree M.A. in Architecture, Azad university, Art & Architecture department , Tehran, Iran. 1998.

Work Experince :

-Independent contractor, Professional model builder, 1996 - 2004
-a main former of RMM Architects Office, Tehran, 2004 - 2009

Nominations/Awards/Prizes :

-First prize by the jury in Residential Building Competition, Tehran, Iran , 2004
-Second prize by the jury in Residential Complex, 4500 house unit competition, Mashhad, Iran, 2005
-Second prize by the jury in National War Museum of Tehran competition, Tehran, Iran, 2005
-First prize by the jury in Melli complex
( commercial-official ) international competition, Tehran, Iran, 2007
-Second prize by the jury in Baharan
( residenthial-commercial-official ) complex competition, Yazd, Iran, 2008

Film/Cinema Activities :

- Lecturer in film diverse institutions.
- Researcher on film topics and history of cinema.
- Director assistant & Architectur advisor for Awarded design, a documantary on Tehrans Ati Center, international design competition, by director Khosrow Sinayi, Tehran, 2004.
- Director assistant, assistant of cinematographer & architectur advisor for Irans Consulate Building in Frankfurt, a documanraty about design and constructioning developments of irans consulate office in Frankfurt/De, Tehran, 2005.