Shakloh magazine

Online Visual PDF Magazine For Arab Artists

SHAKLOH is a free monthly PDF entirely visual magazine acting as a space of expression and promotion for Arab artists, designers, calligraphers, typographers, and photographers. Each issue is announced with a theme and contributing artists are required to create a visual in accordance with that theme.

SHAKLOH is electronically published by Ganzeer: Experimental Arts Unit,

The word "shakloh" is Arabic for "looks like." Artists create what the announced theme "looks like" in their heads, and let it fly on the World Wide Web for all to download and experience. SHAKLOH is a chance for Arab artists to work outside the confinements of commercial work-for-hire, to speak their minds, dreams, and ideologies in the one language unconfined by geographical, political, cultural, or racial boundaries; visual art, and have it all exposed to the world.

Dubai-based lifestyle magazine, BROWNBOOK, had this to say about SHAKLOH in its July/August 07 issue: "... has so far been enthusiastically received by budding designers who wish to showcase their work in a new social context. It's also a vital development for Arab identity, showcasing the new artistic material that Arab-specific pop culture can create."

So far, seven issues of SHAKLOH have been electronically published at and submissions for issue #8 are now being accepted under the theme "sekket el-nadama" or "the road to guilt."

Submissions must fit 800x600 pixels and be presented in JPG, GIF, FH, or AI formats to the following email address:

Deadline = October 20, 2007

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