Lima, Peru

Complex past, currently dynamic.


Lima - By Jans Possel Jans Possel

Its current dynamic and complex past, models it as one of the more prominent emerging centers of culture, economy and art for the future.

We believe the city of Lima as a strategic place to experiment the intense diversity of Peru and the adrenaline rush of vitality and way of life in Latinoamerica.

Currently, its recovery situation turned it to a fertile ground for artists, designers, collectives and "independent" entrepreneurs to imagine new opportunities for the creation and for the dialog with our memory and landscape.

Lima is a city full of contradictions and inequalities. 30% of Perú's population live in its capital, so you can imagine the effects this over population has in a city that had grow without a plan.

If you have the time and the curiosity to get to know all the different sources where cultural manifestations come from, you`ll know many different worlds, where joy, sophistication and pleasure live next to poverty and chaos.

In a country without institutions, some specific places, groups and people are trying to make the difference and create autonomous spaces for creation and debate.

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