Larisa Katz

Photogenic dress (unusual forms shaped into fashionable elegant designs)


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fashion designer

12-2008 Fashion show NYC @ Boucarou
11-2008 Bahrain Fashion Week
11-2008 fashion show netwerk cs Amsterdam
07-2008 interview for city 7 TV Dubai UAE
07-2008 article in Gulf Neuws Dubai UAE
07-2008 article in City times Dubai UAE
07-2008 Exhibitor at
07-2008 Fashinon show & exhibitor Dubai Fashion Fiesta.
05-2008 Fashion show with Hollands Next top model models
03-2008 Publication SLCTR magazine Netherlans
03-2008 Publication UCE magazine USA
12-2007 (TV) Bridget Maasland Dutch celebrity in Larisas dress on the
Millionaire Fair
12-2007 Millionaire Fair Amsterdam .

Link to interview for city 7TV

Larisa Katz

Born and raised in the former Soviet Union in 1974 , but now living in the southern part of the Netherlands, Larisa Katz has always been passionate about art and the wonders of the world as she sees it. In her work she uses fabrics to build dresses that look like sculptures. Playing with different materials and shapes she creates timeless and romantic designs. She combines the visions of Eastern and Western cultures.

La Phare.

The collection name is translated from French meaning lighthouse.
Larisa chose this name because it is a symbol for the ones who strive in the dark to find their way into the light. She dedicates this collection to the artists from all over the world but especially to the ones who contributed to the European cultural heritage in the first half of the 20th century. While wars spread as darkness, artists kept creating and communicating through their work to people. They have been a lighthouse for their generation, as the artists of today should be for all of us.

Because of their restless effort, we can be proud of our culture today, not because there was a war, but because there were people that left us their works of art that we can use as a source of inspiration! Most of these people didn’t even know that they would become a symbol to others. Therefore, with her collection, Larisa hopes to keep up with their work and wishes other contemporary artists to do the same.

Artists are always reaching out to the community with their own works, despite of what the politicians have been saying, and this influence is visible. Talent is not something money can buy and it works its way out in the most amazing ways in every nation. A true artist can be born in every house and there is no way to predict or measure the talent before it flourishes.
Languages : English, Dutch, Russian and German,Hebreuw