Arduino Intermediate Workshop

1 Jul 2011

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Arduino boards are small physical computing platforms, consisting of a simple I/O board and an integrated development environment. Arduinos can be used to develop stand-alone interactive objects and can as well be connected to software on your computer.


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This workshop is for intermediate users who know the basics of Arduino and have some programming experience, and want to take it a step further. An interesting question could be how you can integrate Arduino into your own projects. The day starts with a introduction on more advanced topics and projects, and moves on to the hardware aspects of the Arduino. We will work out groups that want to collaborate on making certain specific things work. This way we can teach everybody something.

Required knowledge

If you feel insecure after reading the following list it's better to take part in the Arduino Basics workshop first, before continuing with the intermediate.

• Numeric formats: know at least what binary and hexadecimals are
• Basic electronics: resistors, capacitors, transistors, diodes, connections, so you have to know how to wire a transistor or pull up/down a pin.
• Programming: the basic structures of C (arduino) are required, functions and variables will not be explained.
• Arduino itself: libraries, pins, some of the chip's architecture, I2C (Wire)
• Prototyping: setting up components on breadboard. This is VERY important, if you don't know how to do this, you'll slow down the group and we want to avoid that.

For who?

Artists, art students, computer scientists, hardware hackers, product developers, nerds, etc. Previous experience in programming and thorough basic knowledge of Arduino is mandatory.


Ubi de Feo of the 'Hello, Savants'! collective. Ubi is an interaction designer and Arduino expert.

What to bring?

Bring your own Arduino (kit) and your laptop to do your coding. If there is a specific sensor or actuator you would like to use during the workshop, we advise you to bring it yourself.

Cancellation policy

If you can't come to the workshop and notify us at least 48 hours before, we will give you a refund.