Caspar Menkman

Blowing your sock on!

Dev Camp Day 2

You think you can outblow me? Do you? These sentences will from now on be standard in the Mediamatic vocabulary.


Sean is taking a deep look into the sock—machine - the equipment has finally arrived and is waiting for modification. This is a knitting machine for socks. Robert Keil

With: Sean Follmer

Blowing your sock on! is the concept for a game between two players that are seeing who can blow the highest amount of air onto a pressure sensor. The one who blows the most air sees his sock grow the fastest. The signal from the sensor gets processed by the Arduino that manages how fast the sock making machine is worked.

To make every sock (or it might look more like a gigantic scarf I am told) unique a Tanita alcohol sensor measures the "alcoholic gasses" in the player breath. The differences in level of alcohol will cause a couple of pens to color the threads that are used to knit the sock/scarf. I for one am really looking forward to blowing my sock on!