Floating Pool on the IJ

Space and Matter tries to realize a floating swimmingpool in the IJ. This idea was born during the game Play Noord! and got positive reactions.



Amsterdam is known for its large amount of open water but doesn’t make use of its qualities like other European cities. The direct access to the water for swimming is very limited within in the city itself. We asked ourselves if we could create additional access to the water, a place within the middle of the city which enables a direct contact with its main characteristic element. For this aim we found the perfect place at the Northern part of the Ij bank in front of two icons, the new eye film museum and Overhoeks tower. In this protected niche we want to place a public pool, park space and basketball court all programmed within a dense planted platform in which one can carve their own space to relax or create paths to each function. This cicular growing platform in the middle of the Ij creates a place to swim, play and relax in summer months and ice skate in winter.


In 1887 Badhuis Obelt, an important swimming school, was founded at the northern IJ bank. It was a swimming school for children and women. This facility was a cornerstone for the emancipation of swimming of women. In 1870 a swimming club in Amsterdam, De Jonge Kampioen (DJK), was founded. This club swam in the Badhuis Obelt. Also other sports such
as high diving and water polo used the Badhuis Obelt for their practice.