Lilly Lam

Freelance Designer

Born and raised in New York City, having lived in Tokyo and currently residing in Amsterdam I have always felt at home in large cities. My experiences living in these cities have sparked my interest in city planning and its future.

During my studies at the designLAB department of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam the emphasis on design was in the research and process which began to shape my interests and approach.

For my graduation project, I chose to react to an existing situation outside of the school environment. It began with my thesis where I searched for "room for surprise in a planned city", this lead to my research to focus upon the plans for Amsterdam and approaching the policies of the municipality.

After selecting the Zuidas and working directly with their Vision Document of 2009, my project Re:Vision developed. Going through the Zuidas Vision Document their incredibly vague and contradicting ambitions piqued my interest. In order to give form to these ambitious 'visions' put forth in their plans, new materials were introduced onto a public bench of the Zuidas. The final outcome was a bench with a combination of forms that represented the overload of ambitions found in the document.

I have a particular interest in public space and city planning projects, especially interacting with and involving local communities.

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