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16-01-2010 Uitspraken van Inuit - Bardot Proviant Klub

Photographer Anya van Lit and author Joost Bottema traveled through Greenland and documented their journey. Through photography, video, interviews and more, they tell us about the changing environment and traditions they discovered in Greenland. The Bardot exhibition will also present sewing workshops, cooking experiments, lectures about hypocrisy and performances symbolising the Greenlandic seal. The exhibition is not only about Greenland. It's also about how Europe deals with habits and traditions from other cultures and how we relate to these problems.

It seems that it is a foregone conclusion that eating seal should be prohibited. But seals are not more piteous than pigs, cows and chickens. In September 2009 the regulation 1007/2009 of the European Parliament was made: a ban against trade of products of seal.


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