Kim Phu

How to use the vinyl cutter

Don't know how to use the Roland GX-24? It's easier than making pie!

The vinyl cutter can be found in the graphic room. Use the older version of Adobe Illustrator.


Vinyl-cutter -

Please visit this Youtube video if you would like a visual guide.


Prepping images:

The vinyl cutter will only cut lines. This means you must outline all your texts/shapes in Illustrator or they will not print.
How to? 
Select the image/type > type > create outlines. 
!!The maximum width of the vinyl cutter is 60 CM!!!

Prepping the vinyl plotter:

Use the lever on the right-hand side to release the vinyl roll. To load a new roll, make sure the vinyl goes past the rollers on both sides. You may adjust the rollers by moving them to the indicated white marks on the plotter.
Once loaded, the plotter will ask you if the vinyl loaded is a roll or sheet. Choose what you have loaded using the arrows and the enter button. The plotter will automatically tell you how wide the vinyl is.

Open file on computer attached to vinyl cutter:

The vinyl cutter is currently connected to an intern computer in the graphics room.
Open your file in Illustrator. Change the size of your artboard to correlate with the width of the vinyl cutter.
Adjust the vertical length according to your artwork.
From the Roland Cut Studio window in Illustrator, press the print button (the button with just a printer icon). A second window from an application outside of Illustrator will ask you to confirm the cut.

!If you do not see this window, go to Window and choose CutStudio Plug in and the option to 'print' will appear.

After the cut

Press and hold the down arrow to give yourself plenty of the sheet so you can cut your print off. To return the sheet, press and hold the up arrow key.


Remove the negative space from the vinyl including the inside of letters with a knife. When taking out large pieces of the vinyl, roll the sticky part on itself so as to not get stuck on the letters. Go slow!

Transfer foil:

Unroll the transfer foil (transparant) and place vinyl on sticky side. Burnish hard to get letters/shape to adhere to the foil.
Remove the back paper, so the letters/shape is left behind on the transfer foil. 

*Please visit this page if you want to know how to place vinyl on window/wall*

*If you are printing for a t-shirt, make sure your design is mirrored or it will come out the wrong way!*