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Bikes Rentals - photo on flickr by facemePLS

Car Rental
Car rental is a good option if you want to discover the area in and around Noord.

‪Master Car Rent Bv‬
‏‪Meeuwenlaan 102a‬
‪020 6360513‬

‏‪Pouw Amsterdam-Noord‬
‏‪Johan van Hasseltweg 65‬
‪088 0014200‬

‏‪Safety Rent a Car‬
‏‪Papaverweg 3b‬
‪020 6366363‬

‏‪Did you arrive at Schiphol? The airport gives you a host of options to rent a car during your stay in Noord:
‏‪Auto Europe:‬

Rent a Bike‬
‏‪Nieuwendammerdijk 215‬
‪(+31)6 13998675‬
‏‪‬ ‏‪

Scooter rentals
Is a bike not fast enough or would you like to travel longer distances? Rent a scooter:
Scooter Experience‬
‏‪De Gouwe 15
‪(+31)20 4820008‬

Boat rentals‬
‏‪A boat allows you to cross right through Noord’s nature. Rent an electric boat, canoe or rowing boat and bring along a picnic basket. Your day will be so romantic, it’s nearly kitsch. ‏‪Jachthaven Henk John‬
‏‪Dorpsstraat 8‬
‪(+31)20 4902612‬