Towards Noord!

If you’re traveling to Noord from Schiphol Airport by public transfer, you will always have to travel to Amsterdam Central Station first. From there on, you take a ferry to Noord. It’s also possible to take a taxi, but taxis are expensive in The Netherlands: from Schiphol to Buikslotermeerplein (Noord) costs around € 50.


Ferry to Noord - Willem Velthoven

It is easiest to travel to Amsterdam central station by train. At daytime, a train leaves from Schiphol almost every ten minutes and every hour at nighttime, 15 minutes past the hour. A second class ticket costs € 3,70. (Note: the ticket machines are automatically set to first class, but second class is quite alright.) Current timetables are at

The bus station is opposite the arrivals hall. The following buses run to Amsterdam central station: 197, 370 and Nightline 97 en 358.‬

‏‪Taxi ranks are nearby the arrivals hall. It is often possible to agree on a fixed price with the driver. Target price € 50.

Car rentals
‏‪There are several car rental companies on Schiphol Plaza, right behind the arrivals hall. Please note the conditions: these very by rental company, but you usually need to be at least 23-25 years old and owner of a drivers license for minimum of a year.

From Amsterdam Central Station over water‬
‏‪Ferries sail to three different locations in Noord: the NDSM shipyard, Buiksloterweg and IJ-plein. The ferries are situated at the north side of the station. They are free of charge and wheelchair accessible. The current schedule is on ‬

‏‪By bus from Amsterdam Central Station‬
‏‪Bus 32 goes to Buikslotermeerplein, 33 to Nieuwendam Noord, 34 to Banne Buiksloot and bus 35 goes to Molenwijk. Visit for schedules.

By car
‏‪Den Haag/Rotterdam/Schiphol‬
Take the A4 high way to Amsterdam and then the A10 to Noord.
Take the A2 high way to Amsterdam and then the A10 to Noord.
‏‪Amsterdam city centre‬
‪‏‪Take the IJ-tunnel.‬

‏‪Parking is generally free in Noord, but in some parking lots only Northerners are allowed. Note: there’s paid parking at shopping centre Boven ‘t Y and the surrounding area.