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Radio-to-Go Workshop

14 | 15 February 2007

14 Feb 2007
15 Feb 2007

Come and develop new ideas for radio experiences, using combinations of oldskool and newskool radio: broadcasting, online radio, microtransmitters, user generated content and more. In collaboration with Radio Rietveld.


Broadcast your Podcast by Lotte Meijer -

What and why?

With the developments in streaming online audio, podcasting, microtransmitters, multi-user VoIP chatrooms, (etcetera) our idea of what radio is has thoroughly expanded.
Participants of this workshop design radio experiences for (interactive?) listeners. Workshop projects consist of homegrown content ideas for a specific combination of various older and newer 'radio' practices. A couple of projects will be chosen to be brodcast live on Thursday, Feb 15, by Radio Rietveld, which broadcasts and webcasts from Mediamatics' garagebox for the next three months.
Participants can also learn to solder their own radio microtransmitter!

More about Radio Rietveld:

"Radio Rietveld at Stedelijk Museum" (RR.SMCS) is a temporary radio project broadcasting for 3 months 24/7 live on 105.6 FM in Amsterdam as well as on broadband internet stream (hosted by TheWaagSociety) for the international public.
RR.SMCS wants to create a channel for audio art, sound related art projects, extraordinary and underestimated music as well as being a discussion platform and speaker's corner for a vivid discussion about art.

Trainers and speakers

Lotte Meijer, media designer, maker of the Broadcast-Your-Podcast project and the amazing Wifio set. Lotte Meijer will present her work and lines of research into new kinds of radio experiences.
Sasker Scheerder is a sound-related visual artist who made (experimental) radio and sound related projects.
Klaas Kuitenbrouwer, made various radio programmes for Radio 100, Radio Patapoe & for the VPRO and is now Mediamatic’s own workshop coach.
One or both of the ladies of Cut-n-Paste will present their innovative radio projects LoveControl, Teletap and CallCenter in which broadcast, podcast and mobile phones meet in intimate and unexpected ways.


You can read more background information about radio in the widest sense here