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Save Mediamatic, Waag society, WORM, STEIM, NIMK, V2_, Submarine Channel

When the budget cuts for arts and culture are accepted by Parliament on Monday June 27th, all New Media Art institutions in The Netherlands will lose their funding. Institutional support for New Media culture will come to a grinding halt. From 2013 onwards there will be no development platform for New Media Art in The Netherlands. Please help us prevent this from happening by signing the petition. If you have a mailing list or a website, please spread the petition and this information. The loss of funding will not only destroy the Dutch infrastructure, but will disrupt the international New Media Arts network as well.


Piggy bank - Savings in The Netherlands: 300 billion Art: 0,49 billion. Made by Abel, Niels and Willem.

Sustaining the Dutch infrastructure for New Media Art requires a mere 1% of the national arts budget. Help us prevent this destruction and retain support for New Media Art.