MB Vectrex, 1982

Game: Mine Storm

The Vectrex is a real collectors item. It consists of a mini arcade cabinet-like screen and a rectangular console that could be stored away inside the cabinet. The first ones were produced by General Consumer Electronics in 1982, but when they ran into financial difficulties, Milton-Bradley (MB) took over. They started distributing the Vectrex in Europe. This only lasted a year though: due to disappointing sales the production was brought to a halt in 1984.


MB Vectrex - A Vectrex produced by Milton-Bradley in 1983/1984. Picture found on Flickr. Kars Alfrink

The Vectrex was sold with the classic Asteroids-type game Mine Storm.

We would like to thank Game Shop Den Haag for the MB Vectrex on show in the Arcade exhibition.