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OV-Kunstkaart pilot on the Uitmarkt

The introduction of a new social media marketing tool for cultural organizations.

During this year's Uitmarkt, which takes place in the last weekend of August, Mediamatic introduced a new social media marketing tool to the public, the OV-Kunstkaart. The OV-Kunstkaart provides cultural organizations with a new way to connect with their target audience. Apart from this it's also an easier and more sustainable alternative to printed flyers and having people subscribe to email newsletters by pen.

After the successful introduction at the Uitmarkt, Mediamatic is currently exploring opportunities to implement the OV-kunstkaart at a national level.


OV-kunstkaart op de Uitmarkt - Simone Schoutens

The Uitmarkt is a large cultural festival which traditionally signals in a new cultural season in the Netherlands. An important part of the Uitmarkt is the 'Museum Quarter', a large gathering at the Museumplein where all the prominent Dutch museums are represented. Here the museums are able to connect with, and inform, Dutch culture lovers about upcoming exhibitions and new developments regarding their museums.

Participating museums were the Van Gogh Museum, the Frans Halsmuseum, Museum De Paviljoens, the Jewish Cultural Quarter and the Amsterdam Heritage Museums (Amsterdam Museum, Museum Willet-Holthuysen, the Biblical Museum and Museum Ons’ Lieve Heer op Solder).

OV-kunstkaart at the Uitmarkt OV-kunstkaart at the Uitmarkt

Each participating museum featured one of Mediamatic's interactive pillars, equipped with an ikPoll, where visitors could easily subscribe to email newsletters by simply swiping their 'OV-chipkaart' (public transport chip card) in front of the OV-Kunstkaart logo. Some museums, like the Frans Hals Museum, even introduced an element of gamification by having visitors participate in a contest, with the winner receiving a prize (pictured above).

OV-kunstkaart at the Uitmarkt OV-kunstkaart at the Uitmarkt

The OV-Kunstkaart also had its own stand at the Uitmarkt. Here visitors could activate their public transport chip card to use it as an OV-Kunstkaart. This was done by using Mediamatic's ikCams (see the photo above), where visitors could also instantly create their user profile, including profile photos taken with the ikCam.

At the entrance of our stand there was a pillar where visitors could use their newly activated OV-kunstkaart to indicate which of Mediamatic's new projects they'd like to be informed about.

OV-Kunstkaart users could also choose to share their Uitmarkt experience with their Facebook friends, or take photos with Mediamatic's ikCams (which can be seen here).

The OV-kunstkaart

The OV-Kunstkaart is a new project by Mediamatic, with which we try to innovate the cultural sector in the Netherlands. The Dutch government's cuts in the culture budget do not necessarily have to mean the end of the Dutch cultural sector. New developments like social media and our own interactive RFID-technologies provide cultural organizations with new ways to interact with their audiences and to promote their events.

Users of the OV-Kunstkaart will be able to quickly and easily Like and Share exhibitions, museums and individual objects (eg. a painting) on their Facebook profiles. The OV-Kunstkaart also gives them an easy way to stay updated about their favorite museums, theaters and other cultural organizations.

For more information you can visit the website of the OV-Kunstkaart.