Event service


With social to-do list

Mediamatic creates custom badges for all visitors of your event. The social to-do list is created based on the visitor's profile. The system matches the profile with those of other visitors. Names and pictures of ‘people you should meet’ are printed on the badge.

With an Anymeta site, people can register online for your event. Every delegate receives a personal badge with their name, the company they work for, keywords, the program book and their personal social to-do list.


Anymeta matches people who are not friends yet by comparing keywords, interests, contacts, information on organisations, and more. This results in a selection of 24 persons on the social to-do list. A fun and low-threshold way of socializing and networking.

When participants have met someone on their list, they can friend this person by activating one of the interactive installations, such as the ikCam or the Friend-Drink-Station.