Eva Schippers

Visual artist and performer


Beftival portrait Eva Schippers - Collaborator of Beftival Caroline Aravicius

Eva Schippers [1980] graduated with her Master's in 2010 from the Dutch Art Institute [DAI], and her multidisciplinary practice revolves around the notion of EMERGENCY. Her work is recently shown at the Vondelbunker [Amsterdam], Dead Darlings/FOAM [Amsterdam], Friche [Brussels], Prague Quadrennial [Prague], Re:Rotterdam [Rotterdam], Kunstvlaai [Amsterdam] en Verbo Festival [Sao Paolo].

From 2005-2010 she collaborated with Serge Lammers in the performance duo Atelier Seva, addressing behavior in human relations. Next to her practice, she is active as a guest tutor on Art Academie Minerva [Groningen] and curator/organizer with for example Guest Studio Plantagedok [until present] & MoMart [2013-2015].

Eva Schippers a.k.a. She-Man will build a machine in 14 days with donated and found materials. An Orgasm Machine, build in the tradition of Barbarella [1968], Woody Allen movies [1973], and the pseudo-science of Wilhelm Reich [1930]. A machine to let women experience pleasure, this time built by a woman from her own experiences and found experiences, the true excessive machine! A collage from what's been made [for health, torture, and pleasure] with the focus on music & inspired by the materials uses by Wilhelm Reich.

Her tongue-orgasmatron will be presented at Museumnacht: Beftival 


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