Project: Donna Wolf


Swapping artworks for business services

Déiska is an organization that provides a broad range of business services to carefully selected young artists. The services are tailored to the needs of the young artists as they establish themselves as independent entrepreneurs; like book keeping, finding studio space and textwriting. This way, the artists have more time to focus on their artistic development.


J. Adriaans – The Stacking man is never homeless, 2006 -


The services are provided to the artist in exchange for artworks. Déiska not only gets to know the artists and their work, but also acquires a collection at the same time. These artworks are then brought into the collection De Verzameling.

Donna Wolf, founder of Déiska, has built up a great collection through the years. At Ruilen we show a wide selection of works bartered for something special. For example, Triumph of the Wild pt 2 by Martha Colburn (US) is part of the collection in exchange for residency permit, tax return, texts about her work and reports of the Nederlands Filmfonds. Gordijn by David Lindberg (NL) was bartered for epoxy materials, studio space and the production and presentation of his little books.