69 Turtles in Shanghai - With the Yes Men and world saving snacks

7 Sep 2011

In July TINKEBELL. traveled to Shanghai where she was overcome with the need to save 69 turtles from their fatal destiny: soup. This was the third in a series of worldwide interventions. She presented this enterprise alongside fellow world fixers the Yes Men. The Yes Men also cooked us up some world saving snacks.


Beeld TINKEBELL SAVE THE WORLD #3: 69 turtles - July 8, 2011 Today I went to a local market to buy some fruit, but I found something else: A very angry looking man was selling living animals. One of the animals he was trying to sell was a cute, innocent turtle. This turtle was meant to be killed and eaten. I immediately knew I had to do something,.. TINKEBELL.

69 Turtles in Shanghai

Save The World consists of twelve interventions worldwide, during which TINKEBELL. shows us what happens when we force our (Western) view of the world on other cultures. 69 Turtles is TINKEBELL.'s third intervention. By buying the animals and releasing them into a protected pond, she secured the turtles' lives and kept them way out of reach of the Chinese kitchen. But besides denouncing the serving of - to us - beloved pets, TINKEBELL. also takes a critical stance towards the practice of freeing animals, meant for consumption, by animal right activists.

We screened a short film by Jan de Bruin, who followed TINKEBELL. during the preparations and execution of her intervention in Shanghai. The corporation critical Yes Men prepared some world saving snacks to go with the presentation. Also, everyone was invited to participate in a big lottery: profits will benefit future Save The World ventures.

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This project is sponsored by AFK, BKVB, Willemijn van Herwijnen, Tom America, Silvia B., Joep van Lieshout, Marcel Wanders, TORCH Gallery, Onomatopee, Margi Geerlinks, Harmen de Hoop, Het Sandberg Instituut, Wouter Derruyter, Klaas van Gorkum, Iratxe Jaio, Anke Coumans, Sjoerd Oudman, Daan Roosegaarde, Raymond van den Boogaard & The Yes Men.