Workshop: Brew your own sixpack

Start your own home-brewery

18 Apr 2015

With over 250 micro-breweries in the Netherlands alone, and these numbers quickly rising, we seem to be entering another golden age of brewing. What unites these independent breweries is the fact that most of them started their business in their own homes and kitchens. And now you can do the same! Start designing a beer brand and learn how to brew your own sixpack. From milling and mashing to filtering, ruh storage, naming and bottling.

This workshop is divided into two parts, brewing (6 hrs.) and bottling (1 hr), and given by Simon Buijs from Brouwerij De Bierkraai.


Beer in the making - Home brewing our first sample. Daniel Parnitzke

What will you do?

The process of Brew In A Bag is simple, however the different types of beers you can produce with it are endless. Before we start brewing you first need to taste what these differences are. We will start with an explanation about stouts, IPA's, blonds and whites and their recipes. Then each group (3) will choose their recipe and start with their creation. Step by step we will go through the process of milling, mashing, filtering and run storage. While we wait for the hops to boil we will discuss names and design our labels. The bottling itself will happen a month later (this will only take one hour). You will leave with a sixpack of 3 different 'home-brewed' beers. A little patience is needed however, before opening your beers have to rest in their bottle for another 2 weeks.

After the workshop you have gained enough knowledge to start your own home-brewery and start experimenting with different flavours and ingredients.


Brew Your Own Beer Workshop - Filtering the mash Rosalie Bak

With: Candy Choi

Who is Simon?

Simon Buijs started brewing in is own student kitchen in the east of Amsterdam. Once he got the hang of it, he and 3 other friends started their own micro-brewer called Brouwerij de Bierkraai. Being 3 scientists and one gastronomer, they share a a great combination of knowledge and sense of taste. Their beers are now sold at numerous locations in Amsterdam.


Brew your own sixpack workshop - Simon holding malt Rosalie Bak

With: Simon Buijs


Workshop: Brew your own sixpack.
Part 1: saturday 18 April, 12:00 - 18:00
Part 2: 9 may, time to be announced.
Tickets: €60,00. With discount you pay only €42,00 *
Location: Mediamatic Biotoop, Dijksgracht 6, Amsterdam

*Students, freelancers and artists can get a 30% discount! Fill in the discount code 'bierbrouwen' at the check out. Please notice we will ask for proof of subscription of your university or your KVK number.

If you have any questions call us or send a mail to