Rosalie Bak

Mushrooms are taking over the Dutch media

“Scientists, designers and dreamers are working on a revolution”.

For the last couple of months Motherboard, the technological arm of Vice have been on board to interview designers, scientists and mycelium experts about their work with fungi. The result is Schimmels. An inspiring mini documentary showcasing the work of Maurizio Montalti, Eric Klarenbeek and the Myco Design Lab, among others. Curious to learn what Mediamatic is currently doing with mycelium? Check out the interview with Willem Velthoven and Aniela Hoitink which was featured on At5 earlier this week.


Schimmels, het plastic van de toekomst - Screenshot of Schimmels a mini documentary by Motherboard, Vice about the potential of Mycelium. Interviews with: Maurizio Montalti, Willem Velthoven, Eric Klarenbeek. Vice

Go here to see the video Schimmels, het plastic van de toekomst. (English subtitles available). And go here to see the interview Bouwmaterialen en kledingstukken straks van schimmel

Growing insulation.

Mediamatic’s Black Barn has a beautiful wooden construction, but is currently not protected from the cold winter weather. Therefore we are setting up a process to insulate the roof with Mycelium insulation panels. Both the production and insulation process will be open for the public. To see when we begin this process, keep an eye out on our calendar.


Sluisdeurenloods - The dilapidated barn is in need of tender loving care.

Myco Design Lab

Officina Copuscoli, University of Utrecht and Mediamatic are currently collaborating in a 2 year program, where we invite other artists to investigate the potential of mycelium for the development of new bio-materials. You can follow the participants of this Myco Design Lab, Aniela Hoitink, Kristel Cojak, Caroline de Roy, Marieke Broertjes and Rosalie Bak, here. This project is supported by NWO.


24-01-2014 Bio Industry Cleanlab - Working in the Bio Clean Lab - Kasia from University of Utrecht gives instructions. The Lamina Flow air hood allows for a sterile work environment. This makes up half of the Clean Lab space. The fruiting bodies of magic mushrooms have been illegal in Holland since 2007, however, the spores are not. During this workshop we will make a substrate for the mushrooms to grow on. In our mobile Clean Room we will infect the substrate with spores of the psilocybe cubensis. You take the substrate home, where it will turn into mycelium


We feel that everyone should experience the potential of fungus. Therefore we offer beginner and advanced mushroom cultivation workshops, for artists, designers, farmers and anyone else who is interested in growing their own culture. Are you eager to learn how to grow oyster mushrooms, or want to gain a better understanding of working in a lab? Sign up here.


Oyster mushroom - Oyster mushroom grown on coffee waste. Oyster mushroom grown on cardboard Antoni Gandia