Michelle Hammerton

Energy and Sustainability Scientist


Michelle Hammerton - Michelle Hammerton

Progressive problem solver using initiative and innovation to meet challenges, working towards closing the nutrients cycle at De Ceuvel by optimizing the nutrient recovery from urine-based fertilizer.

A chemical engineering intern at Metabolic, Michelle is utilizing the Mediamatic greenhouse to grow tomatoes for her project.
She is currently researching optimization of nutrient recovery from urine by struvite crystallization and adsorption using zeolite and biochar for application as fertilizer to facilitate a more sustainable agricultural economy. The tomatoes will serve as test subjects to investigate the uptake of potential micro pollutants such as pharmaceuticals in the plants.

Michelle already has a B.Sc. in chemistry from University of Bristol and is currently doing a M.Sci. Chem. at University of Amsterdam, specializing in the Science of Energy and Sustainability.


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