Workshop: Grow Your Own Oyster Mushrooms

Turn your waste into food and new bio-materials

24 Jun 2015

It is said that the mushroom, and especially Mycelium has the potential to replace all sorts of (harmful) materials like plastics and batteries. Here at Mediamatic we are interested in the cultural and artistic implications of this 'new' bio-material and invite you to start exploring yourself. During this introduction course you will learn how to cultivate the Oyster Mushroom at home and by doing so gain a better understanding of the potential of this organism.

Curious? Check our this video by Phil Ross.


Straw ready to be inoculated with mycelium - Working in the cleanroom during the Grow Your Own Oyster Mushroom Workshop. Xiang Yu Yeung

Besides the fact they are delicious and nutritious, there is much more to discover about mushrooms and fungi. Here at Mediamatic we explore the use of fungi as a source of new natural bio-materials. So if you are an artist or designer looking to grow your own material, don't hesitate and join our workshop!

What will you learn?

You will learn how to prepare straw but also your coffee and cardboard waste in order to let the mushrooms grow. You will learn how to extract spawn from a fully grown mushroom so you can repeat the process at home. You will learn why and how we are working in our self constructed cleanroom. And you will learn about the ideal conditions for the mycelium and mushrooms to develop.


Taking home a bag filled with straw and oystermycelium - Happy participants of the Grow Your Own Oyster Mushroom Workshop. Xiang Yu Yeung

With: Ana Valls

What will you do?

The workshop is lead by Marieke Broertjes and takes place at Mediamatic Biotoop. First we will pasteurize the substrate in order to prevent moulds and contaminant bacteria growing between our mushrooms. Then, in the cleanroom, we will inoculate the substrate with mushroom spawn. Meanwhile Marieke will tell you everything about mushroom cultivation and its endless possibilities. Finally you take home your own growing bag. The mycelial network needs some time to colonize the substrate, after which it will start growing its fruits, your very own cultivated mushrooms.


A full grown plate of mycelium - From mycelium to new bio-materials. Here you see a plate of mycelium grown on substrate. Xiang Yu Yeung

Workshop: Grow Your Own Oyster Mushrooms
Wednesday June 24. 19:00 - 21:00
Mediamatic Biotoop, Dijksgracht 6, Amsterdam
Tickets: €25, 00.
Please note that this workshop is going to be given in English.

If you have questions, or you want to book a private session for a group you can send a mail to