Mediamatic 2013

With our project Freezing Favela we focus on urban development. One of the results is the Tosti Fabriek. This focus is reflected in our program, with different presentations, workshops and exhibitions.

Sandmapping Performance

We start the year with a sandmapping performance by Esther Polak, Ivar van Bekkum and Bert Kommerij. Using a bottle filled with sand, a rope, and a stick, they create a real life interpretation of the location service on your smartphone.


Sandmapping - #Sandmapping at the Mediamatic Fabriek. Mediamatic Fabriek, 20 januari 2013 bert kommerij

Freezing Favela

Designers, cooks and other artists share the enormous, leaking and unheated space of the van Gendthallen. They form theFreezing Favela and start with weekly gatherings at the end of 2012, the so called Slum Sessions. During the Slum Session on january 29, the future inhabitants of the Freezing Favela present their building plans.


De jongens van Pretty Nice Shirts presenteren hun project - This picture was taken at Mediamatic Fabriek during Slum Sessions #9, part of Freezing Favela. Erik Diekstra

In january 2013 they start with building and inhabiting this city. The Freezing Favela consists of the following projects:


A pop-up bamboo restaurant on the ground floor of the Mediamatic Factory, run by Andrea Sossie and Robert Bochove. The restaurant opens each Sunday for a child friendly lunch, workshops and more.


Favelous bouwt aan haar bamboestructuur - Erik Diekstra


The Favelous restaurant opening - Favelous is the restaurant area at Freezing Favela, a temporary city at Mediamatic Fabriek. 19 april 2013, Mediamatic Fabriek Erik Diekstra

Paper Universe

Old technologies in a new light: Paper Universe creates and sells affordable furniture made out of reused paper and cardboard. They also organise workshops, in which you can learn to book bind, draw and more.


bouwen aan Paper universe - This picture was taken at Mediamatic Fabriek. Paper Universe project is part of Freezing Favela. Aleksandra Kalashnikova


Paper Universe - Erik Diekstra

Duivenmest toren

With the help of others, Arne Hendriks builds a Pigeon droppings Tower, containing of briquettes made of reused paper. When pigeons can produce fertilization for, for example, urban farming projects, their status will grow (just like bees that produce honey) and they will be more appreciated by humans.


01-06-2013 de Duivenmest toren - Freezing Favela - This picture was taken at Mediamatic Fabriek. The Pigeon Tower is a project by Arne Hendriks, part of Freezing Favela. Nowadays most people unfortunately experience pigeons as annoying. Maybe we should reconsider this. Pigeons are loved by tourists and bring spectacle and dynamics to the urban landscape. They also help to clean up the city by eating discarded food. If they can produce fertilizer, for example for urban agricultural projects, their status will grow again and (like bees that… Erik Diekstra


This small aquaponics installation looks nice and is sustainable. Plants and fish are growing together and help each other to survive. The Miniponics is more than just a PET bottle, rope and some bamboo: it provides your household or class sustainable food. It is a nice addition to your living room, balcony or bar. During the workshop you learn how this system works and how you can build your own.


Het Miniponics systeem wordt getest - Erik Diekstra


Inside The White Whale

Studio Vacant NL, a master at the Sandberg Institute, creates dynamic spaces out of container bags to work, meet and research. These 'white whales' exactly fit the interior of a sea container, and are normally used for the transport of coffee, for example. However, in the Van Gendthallen the whales are presented as a new concept to boost the temporary use of empty buildings.


Inside the white whale -

Gareth's Nest

Performance artist Gareth Wynne Fitzpatrick like to get in physical contact with his art. In the Mediamatic Factory he starts building a human-sized bird's nest.


Gareth bouwt aan zijn mensgrote vogelnest - Deze foto is gemaakt in Mediamatic Fabriek. Gareth's Nest is een project van Gareth Fitzpatrickpart dat deel uitmaakt van de Freezing Favela. Aleksandra Kalashnikova

De Tosti Factory

The Tosti Factory unravels the mystery of a toasted ham and cheese sandwich by showing you all steps in the production process. It is a living art project, including a field of grain, three cows and two pigs. During 7 months we will feed, milk, harvest and eventually slaughter. The Tosti Factory organizes tours and workshops for children, adults and everyone else who wants to learn more about the origin of their food. This project by Vera Bachrach wins the Impact Award on december 14, 2015.


De Tostifabriek bouwt de structuur voor een graanveld - This picture was taken at Mediamatic Fabriek. The Tostifabriek is a project part of Freezing Favela. Tostifabriek bij Mediamatic Fabriek, onderdeel van Freezing Favela. Erik Diekstra


The cows of the tosti fabriek - This picture was taken at Mediamatic Fabriek. De Tosti Fabriek is a project part of Freezing Favela. Erik Diekstra


De eerste tosti werd klaar gemaakt - Tim van Remundt


Echokamer is a series of events in which musicians, composers and other sound creators can experiment with sound in, and the sound of, the Mediamatic Factory. On february 17 the first edition takes place, titled Speakerspong. Using only two microphones and speakers, the small sounds of the Mediamatic Factory change into a huge, disorienting flying carpet of noise. A physical sound experience. Composers Harpo 't Hart and Joay Richartz were the first captains of the Echokamer.


Echokamer #1 event at Mediamatic Fabriek - Saro Van Cleynenbreugel

Ignite Amsterdam

Again, we organize a couple of Ignite evenings in 2013, in which artists, photographers, designers etc. pitch their ideas in only five minutes. For locals, by locals.


Toeschouwers tijdens Ignite Amsterdam 25 - Erik Diekstra


In 2013 Mediamatic starts organizing Troost evenings on Monday: the dish of the day together with short performances.


Renske van Enckevort leest voor - Deze foto is gemaakt tijdens de tweede editie van Troost bij Mediamatic. Mensen luisteren onder het genot van een daghap naar de voordracht van Renske Enckevort. Tim van Remundt

Mediamatic office in the van Gendthallen

In 2013 the Mediamatic office moves to the van Gendthallen. The barn is made ready for the winter by using straw and clay.


Stohut bouwen - De Mediamatic loods wordt winterklaar gemaakt.


Working week 3. - Nadat het leem op de muur gespoten is wordt het glad gestreken. Rosanne Schenk


strohut kantoor - Rosanne Schenk


Park is a research space and bottom-up exhibition in the Mediamatic Factory, in which the concerns of the Gezi protests are investigated through a forum, exhibitions, a movie premiere and party. The protests in Turkey are directed against privatization and control of space, and focused on freedom of press, community and expression.

What is the Gezi spirit and how can we translate this to a different context? On October 8 journalist Froukje Santing of the Volkskrant interviews a panel of those involved in Gezi during Me and Gezi: Public Confessions. Afterwards, a ritual takes place: everyone is invited on the stage to share why Gezi is important for them, after which they receive blessing from the water of TOMA.


PARK 8 October 2013 - The panel being interviewed by Froukje Santing.

With: park

On november 16 we celebrate the opening of the exhibition during A day in the park, with traditional Turkish music, food and a film.


Dancing in the Gezi Park! - Dancing the Haly, one of the most observed dances during Gezi occupation. Rosanne Schenk


Dancing in the Park - Rosanne Schenk


A Day in the Park - Bottom-up exhibition about the riots in Istanbul last spring. Rosanne Schenk