Mediamatic 2000

In 2000, a new series of workshops Behavior Design and multiple parlors in Baby club.


presentatie door Maki Ueda - Mediamatic Salon@BABY, 7 mei 2000 Jans Possel

With: Maki Ueda

Performance by Saskia Cherry

In 2000 Salons in Society BABY will be once again organised. On February the 6 a performance by Saskia Cherry Tree. Her dance Textus was this afternoon a representation of a text according to ancient storytelling principles from South India. Central to this was a poem/song composed in Tamil which was framed by two abstract dance pieces where mostly the lines and rhythm was important.


performance door Saskia Kersenboom - Mediamatic Lounge@BABY, 6 februari 2000 Jans Possel

Robot Puppy Laika

On March the 6, the salon was dedicated to the robot dog Laika, the AIBO Mediamatic. A choreography is performed with Laika in the lead.


Uitnodiging Mediamatic@BABY - 6 maart 2000 in Sociëteit BABY Serie van Salons op zondagmiddag. In deze editie Laika, de AIBO (robothondje) van Mediamatic, een choreografie van Martin Butler, onderzoeker Kodwo Eshun en vormgever Will Holder


Dansers tijdens Mediamatic Salon@BABY - 6 maart 2000 Jans Possel


06-03-2000 Kinderen met Laika - Mediamatic Salon at the BABY club is all about robot dog Laika, the AIBO of Mediamatic. A choreography will be performed with Laika in the leading role. AIBO is a company robot in the shape of a dog, made by Sony since 1999. The robot is made and programmed in such a way that it does not harm people, the dog will never bite the calves. Because of the high price very few people own an AIBO.  Jans Possel

Maki Ueda at Mediamatic Salon @ BABY

On the 7th of May, Maki Ueda was a guest. She creates animations and installations and talks about three of its projects, Hole in the Earth, Teletext and Jack-in-a-post. In honor of the twentieth anniversary of Teletext, animation Ueda aired on page 379, NPS teletext.

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Ballroom Dance in Society BABY

During the salon on July the 2nd a ballroom dance couple comes by, next to the speakers.


Uitnodiging Mediamatic@BABY - 2 juli 2000 in Sociëteit BABY. Serie van Salons op zondagmiddag. In deze editie Roggério Lira over de grafische vormgeving van de spraakmakende VPRO documentaire The End of TV as we know it, een beeldcollage van Gordon Haslett en een intermezzo van een ballroomdanspaar op muziek van Arling en Cameron.


ballroomdans tijdens Mediamatic Salon@BABY - 2 juli 2000 Jans Possel

The living artist-astronaut

November the 5th, 2000. This edition presents salon Debra Solomon the living-artist-astronaut. She transports through hypno-techniques 10 artists to the year 2030 and let them discuss their role in space. Dirk van Weelden presents the digital creatures and furry friends of Karl Sims and Tom Ray and how they are "bred". Students of the HKU present their special computer for the blind.

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Playstation meets Organism

At Felix Meritis in the beginning of September the seminar Playstation meets Organism took place. Several speakers reflect on the concept of emulation in game design, artificial intelligence, biology and art. At the same time there is the opportunity to explore this concept further in practice: participants can breathe new life in floating tanks and can experiment with computer games.


Playstation meets Organism seminar - Felix Meritis, september 2000 Jans Possel


Gamen tijdens Mediamatic Salon@BABY - 3 september 2000 Jans Possel

Workshop Behaviour Designs

In 2000 Mediamatic organises a new workshop series, entitled Behaviour Design. These workshops are about interactivity, the most culturally significant feature of the new media. As the workshop brochure makes clear:

Interactive media, as opposed to old media, show their own behaviour towards their users. You can design that behaviour. Cultural development in the new media demands that we learn how to design the behaviour of the media and how to give it meaningful content.

Some areas are covered in the workshop: multiplayer games, new educational projects, emergent behaviour in complex systems and gaming behaviour from a biological point of view. The workshop are titled: Players & Rules, Topology Information and Click, Tic & Beat.


Folder Mediamatic workshops 'Gedrag Ontwerpen' - De Mediamatic workshops Gedrag Ontwerpen gaan over interactiviteit, de cultureel meest wezenlijke eigenschap van de nieuwe media. Interactieve media vertonen, in tegenstelling tot oude media, een eigen gedrag ten opzichte van hun gebruikers. Dat gedrag kan je ontwerpen. Culturele ontwikkeling in de nieuwe media vereist dat we leren hoe we het gedrag van die media kunnen ontwerpen en daar zinvolle mooie inhoud aan geven. Enkele gebieden die in de workshop aan bod kwamen waren: multiplayergames