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Fisherman Piet Ruijter - Piet sits at the waterside of the Mediamatic Biotoop. He regularly brings supplies of fish to be prepared at Mediamatic Eten. Idan Brull

With: Piet Ruijter

Piet Ruijter is the last fisherman of Amsterdam and used to supply fish to Mediamatic Eten. He contributed to the collection of fish in the installation The Morphology of Fish by Mandy den Elzen.

Piet learnt the fishing craft from his father Jaap Ruijter who had decided well before the Second World War that he wanted to be a fisherman instead of a butcher like his father.

Amsterdam's fame and fortune grew largely as a result of the fishing activities there. Now it seems that professional fishing in the city has disappeared. In fact, Piet Ruijter is the last remaining professional fisherman in Amsterdam still fishing in the IJ.

Piet lives and works on the Westerdok. From here he departs with his boat towards the Amstel river to catch eel or fish (especially pike). Besides fishing for consumption Piet also participates in the research and monitoring of the fishing waters, commissioned by the municipality of Amsterdam (DRO), the port authority and Waternet.

Piet also takes small groups on excursions around the Amsterdam waters with urban ecologist Martin Melters to give a unique opportunity of experiencing how a fishing town developed. Piet loves the waters and feels it is important to pass on his enthusiasm and passion for fishing here.

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