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How to host The Art Of Deception

Hosting and Ticketsales

What you need to know for your host shift for the exhibition The Art of Deception


Art of Deception Tour - Learning more about the exhibition 'The Art of Deception'. Anisa Xhomaqi, Isaac Monté

Check stager regular to know when you are scheduled for a The Art Of Deception Host shift.

Mental preparation

When you have a The Art of Deception shift you sell tickets and host the exhibition.
That means you should be informed about what we are presenting.
Please read about the exhibition here.
Read here about each individual heart.
You can read a still growing FAQ about The Art of Deception here.

Practical preparating

Go into the server storage room in the Bio Art Supply Shop:
You need
- pinnmachine with charger (red ticket service box)
- charger for laptopn (red ticket service box)
- Nr 2 Presentation Laptop (please note: it is the bigger laptop with 2 on the bottom side, NOT the 2 from the "personal" laptops)
If the Presentation Laptop is not there, you can get it upstairs from the locker in the Graphic Design Room.

General Setup

Be ready with the setup at 17h (weekday shift) or 15h (weekend shifts) for welcoming visitors. On weekends you can get Staff Food. So let the kitchen staff know you are there and ask nicely if they can prepare sth for you later.
Open the barn doors so that visitors can recognise that there is something happening in it.
You don't need to open the barn doors very wide, it will get cold.
Just open the left door enough so that it appears "open" for visitors.

Make sure to keep the curtains nearly closed so that people don't just walk into the exhibition and see everything before they have a ticket.

How to sell tickets

There is just one kind of admission ticket for 5 euros and you get a booklet with it.
Booklets are on the table in the barn, under the table or in the server storage room.
You need no ticketsales laptop!
You also need no cash box. Ask people to pay cash at the bar if they can't pin!

Getting Started in the black barn

Get the blue EVENT key from the key locker.

Go into the Sluisdeurenloods (Black Barn) and switch on the main lights and create a nice atmosphere (main light switches are above the sound and light system: first put master up, then audience, stage etc.)

The Lights should always be switched on!
If they happen to be switched off, there are two light switches between the tables ,a bit hidden.

Left side when you enter the barn:


Art of Deception switch 1 - Jonáš Verešpej

Right side when you enter the barn:

Art of Deception switch 2 - Jonáš Verešpej

Creating a nice atmosphere

Check if there is dust on the tables or on the vessels, if that is the case, get a wet cloth and carefully clean around the vessels.
Make sure that there is no stuff laying around that is not supposed to be in an exhibition.
You will find a squeezy heart that you can use as an example to show people how the Hand over Heart feels like.

How to set up the video

Put the presentation laptop on the podium behind the left curtain in the black barn, connect it to power and plug in the white projector cable to the thunderbolt port.
Switch on the projector with the remote. (can take a couple tries. make sure the red light on the projector turns blue then you know it's powering up)
Switch on the laptop, log in, and on the desktop click on the 'Art of Deception' folder, then open 'HEARTS PROJECTION'.
Once QuickTime Player is open, click on 'View' and make sure 'Loop' has a tick next to it.
Full screen the video (cmd F) and hit play.

Open Youtube and turn on a long playlist with atmospheric sounds such as "Airport Atmosphere". Make sure its not too loud.

If the beamer is not showing the video properly, the screen options are wrong in the laptop. Best way to fix that is to restart the laptop and try again all of above.

How not to freeze

Use the gas heaters!
Read here how to handle the heaters
Please ask someone from the bar to help you if you don't know how to handle it.

You can sit during your shift and bring a laptop to keep yourself busy at moments when there are no visitors, but of course put people first.

Free posters

Mention to visitors that they can take posters for free and share them with their friends!
They can find posters in the Bio Art Supply Shop.

"Decellularisation" Video

You should also point out that there is a video running in the Bio Art Supply Shop showing the process of decellularisation.
Visitors can watch that for free.
There are also posters that visitors can take for free. Let them know about that!

During your shift

Overall, be a welcoming host and share your knowledge about the exhibition.
Visitors shouldn't touch the glass vessels.

Your shift Ends at 19h (weekday and weekend shift)
DO NOT SWITCH OFF the lights when your shift is over, they are supposed to light all night throught.

Switch off the projector, and put the laptop back in the graphic design room.
Bring back the Ticketservice box to the server room, lock the barn and bring the key back to the locker.

Please let us know if any questions occur! Feedback is very welcome.