Willem Velthoven

Doors of Perception 1

Conference by Mediamatic and the Netherlands Design Institute


Doors of Perception -

This CD-ROM contains the interactive proceedings of the Doors of Perception conference which was held in Amsterdam, 30-31 October, 1993.

Organised by the Netherlands Design Institute and Mediamatic, DoP 1 was a groundbreaking conference at which leading thinkers from the fields of graphic and industrial design, architecture, information technology, philosophy, computer science, business and media assembled to consider the cultural and economic challenges of interactivity, the role of design in turning information into knowledge, the challenges of 'smart objects' and 'smart space' as computing and communications increasingly permeate the environment, the need for an ethical and cultural response to the $70-billion-dollar-a-year 'digital gold rush' which is sweeping telecommunications, computing and consumer electronics, and the role of design within new forms of industrial organisation, such as the 'virtual corporation'.

The CD-ROM has received wide recognition: it won the "Meta Design Award" at the 1995 Digital World/ Interactive Media Festival in Los Angeles; it got a "Design Exellence Distinction" in ID magazine's Annual Design Competition 1995, it got a first prize in the 1995 "New Voices / New Visions" competition of The Voyager Company and Ideo Design, and the producer, Willem Velthoven was awarded the 1995 "Aanmoedigingsprijs Grafisch Ontwerpen" (encouragement prize for graphic design) from the Amsterdam Art Council. For more information on the Conference, see the website.

This CD-ROM was made by Mediamatic Interactive Publishing (MIP) for the Netherlands Design Institute.