Exhibition: 1 Jan 2003

Most of the time, you're not on the bike.

Mediamatic Exhibition 5

28 Mar 2003
12 May 2003

"Endorphin Experience" - "Bifurcation and Beyond" - "It takes a strong man to be a strong woman..." all describe elements of Debra Solomon's Ladies Gourmet Cycling project.


Mediamatic Supermarkt - MOST OF THE TIME YOU'RE NOT ON THE BIKE by Debra Solomon

Let's go for a bike ride...

Following excursions into performance, cyberspace and experiential installations, Solomon now fuses fashion, design, intervention, audience experience and sport in a cycling project loosely based on the sensibilities of Victorian gentlewomen. The Ladies Gourmet Cycling is an identity - in the form of a non-competitive biking team complete with a made-to-order month-long cycling regimen and raw food diet.


Most of the time you're not on the bike -

MOST OF THE TIME YOU'RE NOT ON THE BIKE (the name of the actual fashion label) is a clothing line of get-down-and-sweat cycling gear that transforms into glamorous evening wear where perspiration stains become to-die-for. And the transformation doesn't stop there. Solomon's sports routine combined with a diet of low glycaemic index foods aims at escalating the participant's experience of endorphins max the consciousness-altering experience. The LGC promises to physically transform ordinary mortals, promoting clear thinking, calmness and personal empowerment.


Menu du Jour -

The Project

The ladies of the Ladies Gourmet Cycling are a fashion pack - and this is Solomon's aesthetic expression. The project was expressed in videos and photos of the rides and photo shoots, fashion and interior design objects, specially designed recipe cards and cycling maps. At the project launch, models were styled to look as though they've cycled 60 kilometers - while a real group of riders (from the LGC core team) appeared at the opening having just completed a 60 kilometer ride.

The audience was able to join in group rides called Escapitos to bucolic picnic locations.

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