Nadya Peek

likes tools


Nadya Peek as a cosplayer during Picnic 06 - photograph cc Marco Wessel,

I study AI at the University of Amsterdam, and work part time at Mediamatic Foundation.

I like taking things apart and putting things together, adding dysfunctional aesthetics to otherwise functional objects and observing how things work in systems or out of context.

I also am a big fan of non-zero gaussian curvature and electric conductivity in fabric.

At Mediamatic

We try to strip everyday hardware down to its core functionality, and then we try to see whether that hardware can do anything fun for us.

At University

I'm doing projects in the constructivist language acquisition, social choice in multiagent systems and (computer) vision.

During Picnic `06:

The only tactile contribution I had for Picnic '06 was to sew the tabledresses that adorn the beer printing machines *erm friend drink stations. I hope you enjoyed them.

I also dressed up as a seamonster for the cosplay show. It involved lots of latex and blue hair.