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Ine Poppe (1960, NL) works in Amsterdam as a writer and director. Poppe writes about digital culture, technology and art for magazines, books and the national newspaper NRC-Handelsblad. In 2007 she wrote a series of 10 articles about 'teeth art' for the NRC, which is now recycled in a dentist magazine. She had 6 months a column at the children-page: 'SMS with Ine' and did 2 other series: Children and their favorite apparatus, tech-news for kids.

She has researched and directed television documentaries for National Television; wrote a journalistic book about Dutch Squatters in the eighties. Her art-projects 'Mother milk cheese' (1984), 'Women with Beards' (1997) were shown worldwide.

Poppe lectures on the arts and multimedia also at Willem de Kooning Art Academy in Rotterdam.

Her documentary ‘Hippies from Hell’, about Dutch Hackers, was shown at the International Documentary Festival Amsterdam 2002 but also in Santiago (Chili, 2005); Novi Sad; Belgrade (2006), Denmark (2004); Reina Sophia Museum in Madrid (2003); Los Angeles (2007), San Diego (2007). It was the first online Dutch documentary, licensed together with Lawrence Lessig under Creative Commons in Amsterdam Club11.

Poppe also wrote scenarios for several computer games, in 2002 for the Teylers Science Museum in Haarlem ‘Teylers Adventure’. Poppe worked on the game ‘Demi Dubbel’ about art history for kids together with the Waag Society. This won the Twinning Prize in 1991.

In 2002 she was winner of the Geneva-Europe Grand Prize for TV-scenarios, with the scenario of Necrocam, about a web cam inside a coffin, an idea from her son Zoroaster. NY-Times Matt Mirapaul wrote about Necrocam after the film was released online and Poppe discussed web casting on BBC-radio 4. Necrocam was nominated for the Rockie Awards, Banff.

The summer of 2006 Poppe visited with a camera crew robotic Artist Norman White in Canada, an independent work in progress. She was an advisor for the Television-series ' The Future' (VPRO-national TV 2006), was leading the Sandberg/Stifo course (2007, 2008), a master class of the Sandberg Institute where documentary-makers meet new-media-designers. At the moment she is working on a novel: three women sharing a humanoid (about robotics, artificial intelligence, sex and bio-art).

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