Eric Schrijver


At times I feel like I understand everything. It is surprising how little good that does in itself. I become enclosed in my self: truth is smaller than reality.
It is the process of understanding that . Understanding is like a drug.
I hope to articulate such mechanisms in my texts and images and performances.
I want to show my desire for awesomeness.
I have an intense interest in epistomology and mathematical linguistics, but talking about that somehow only makes sense when I put on shiny pants. Meaning is performative.
The processes I show are often closed loops. Investigating my desire for awesomeness means substantiating my desire for awesomeness.
There are less words than things.
There are times when I feel like I won the game of rhetorics.
I like tight pants and mathematics.
I found, not only is meaning a sensation, it is a sensation that can approach the ecstatic.
At times I understand everything
I want to deal with truth as a self-substantiating mechanism, with understanding a self contained feedback loop. I want to chart and model the mental mechanisms of meaning.
In this light I see my work
My desire for awesomeness is an absolute desire: a desire with no other end than itself.
In my attempts to analyze my desire for awesomeness I got completely caught up in substantiating the desire. I found awesomeness to be the modern day equivalent of the sublime.
Charting and modeling the mental mechanisms of meaning.
in my most recent I feel l