Deborah M. Kōdō

Dev Camp '10 Projects

This are the 7 selected projects!

Making stuff concrete. How is it fun in a social and simple way? One fun component works well. Let's go!


First discussion to get some ideas. - Kendra Markle and her crew at Dev Camp '10.

1. Staring contest:
Luis F., Seth, Saro and Axel

2. Air pressure and alcohol sensor + knitting machine
Sean, Pol, Luis B., Fabio

3. Paradiso Sensor space, party people
Gilles, Sicco, Arno and Kendra

4. Light painting / smoking room Paradiso
Mark and Dirk

5. ikscream
Ernst, Eelco, Ralph and Kjen

6. Knit History 8-bit video game, online / social network.
Fabienne, Travis, and Arjan

7. Chewing Radio interface, chewing interaction social radio app.
Nadya, JB, and Dana