Caspar Menkman

Multithreaded Banjo Dinosaur Knitting Adventure 2D Extremeeeee

Dev Camp Day 2

This exquisitely named project is based on the tapisserie de bayeux. This large rectangular carpet told the history of the Battle of Hastings that raged during the 11th century.


Brother kh-930 knitting machine - Knitting machine before hacking. This is the knitting machine used for the multi threaded banjo dinosaur knitting adventure 2D extreme!!! Dev camp 2010, Mediamatic Bank, Amsterdam. Robert Keil

For this project a knitting machine will be hacked to create a live knitting interactive installation. Through one of the ikCams users can upload a sprite (a two-dimensional image) and implement it freely in the design. This sprite is then linked to the users profile and used in the knitting of the canvas.

Having the knitting machine knit for a long period of time will result in a woolen fabric document that both incorporates qualities of the identity of the users and a historical record of the place it is situated in.

Next to the knitting machine, that will be mounted on the wall, will be a projection of the images that will be knitted in the future. This makes it possible for the user to actively intervene in the knitting process.