Nat Muller

Between the idea/And the reality/Between the motion/And the Act/Falls the Shadow


Presenting Transit Beirut - Nat Muller presenting a book called, "Transit Beirut" during one of the El HEMA "Koopavonden" 2007. The El HEMA "Koopavonden" were public research meetings organized by Mediamatic. Here artists, designers and other specialists could discuss and present their ideas about a Arabic HEMA. Photo by Marieke Bijster. Independent curator Nat Muller screened three short films by Middle Eastern directors and talked about misrepresentations the western world may hold about Arabic people. Marieke Bijster

Met: Nat Muller

Is an independent curator and critic based in Rotterdam. She has held positions as project curator at V2_, Institute for Unstable Media (Rotterdam) and De Balie, Centre for Culture and Politics (Amsterdam). Her main interests include: the intersections of aesthetics, media and politics; (new) media and art in the Middle East. She has published articles in off- and online media; is a regular contributor for Springerin and MetropolisM, and has given presentations on the subject of (new) media art (inter)nationally. Her latest projects include The Trans_European Picnic - The Art and Media of Accession (Novi Sad, 2004), DEAF_04: Affective Turbulence: The Art of Open Systems (Rotterdam, 2004); INFRA_ctures (Rotterdam, 2005), Xeno_Sonic: a series of experimental sound performances from the Middle East (Amsterdam, 2005), DEAF07 (Rotterdam, 2007), and she has curated many video screenings for projects and festivals in a.o. Amsterdam, Berlin, New York, Istanbul, Copenhagen, Grimstad, Cairo and Beirut. She co-edited with Alessandro Ludovico the Reader2: Between Paper and Pixel and Reader3: Processual Publishing. Actual Gestures. She is co-initiator of the Upgrade! Amsterdam, and has taught at the Willem de Kooning Academy (NL), the Lebanese American University in Beirut (LB), ALBA (Beirut), A.U.D (Dubai) and the Rietveld Academy (NL). She has served as an advisor on Euro-Med collaborations for the European Cultural Foundation (ECF), the EU, and as an advisor on e-culture for the Dutch Ministry of Culture. She is currently working on her first book for the Institute of Network Cultures and Nai Publishers.


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